How to Calculate Price Per Square Foot for House Painting

An Ultimate Guide to Calculating the Price per Square Foot for House Painting

Planning to get your house painted, but not sure of the exact price that this would take? Well, we are here for you.Calculate Price for House Painting Adelaide

In this article, we will guide you on how to calculate the price per square feet for house painting.

A fresh coat of paint is the part of decoration that can impart a fresh and new look to any house. But, there are a lot of worries involved in getting the right look for your house according to your needs and desires.

First of all, you must know the right kind of paint which you would want for your house. Then, deciding on the perfect color combination as per your taste is another crucial thing.

Next, you need to choose the right quality or the type of paint, which would be apt as per the weather conditions of the place you live in and has a longer life as well.

But, the most important task of all is to correctly calculate the price per square foot for painting the housePainting the house

Whether you are hiring someone to do so or you are doing it yourself, it has to be measured correctly. This is very important because it proves to be a great help in deciding the approximate cost and comparing the price quotes.

In order to avoid any kind of ambiguity, it is best to calculate the price per square foot for painting your house yourself. So, that there could be no flaw in estimating the right amount for the painting job. 

The process for the same is very simple, you just need to have the right steps involved in doing so.

  • Calculate the price of all the materials and the paint you will require

The task of calculating the price of painting must always include the price of the materials needed for preparing, mixing, cleaning and then ultimately applying the paint. It must include the cost of even the smallest thing required in the entire task.

In practice, house painting includes the cost of the labor as well in the painting cost. 

  • Calculate the price of the paint along with a gallon of base paint or primer

The first step involves the calculation of the cost of the paint along with a gallon of base paint or primer which is enough to cover your area.

The cost of the paint can range from 50 dollars to 150 dollars.Calculate the price of the paint along with a gallon of base paint

Some branded and designer paints may add to your final cost of painting as well. But, it is good to go for the best quality of paints as they have a longer life and have a lustrous effect as well. 

  • It’s time for some real calculation

The next step involves finding out the cost per square foot of the concerned house. This is done by dividing the estimated cost by the square foot measurement. 

Let us take an example – In case, if an estimate of 700 dollars for about 1,600 square feet is made, you must divide 700 by 1500.  This is equal to 43.6 cent cost per square foot. 

  • Estimating the exterior square feet

The next step involves estimating the square feet of the exteriors. This can be done by multiplying the height of the house with a width of the exterior walls. The product of these two quantities would give you the measurement of exterior square feet. 

Now, sum up the measurement of square footage of each of the walls in order to have the grand total. 

  • Calculating the final cost

For this, you must first multiply the width with a length of the rooms. Then, sum the cost for all rooms. 

  • Exclude the cost of doors and windows

Exclude the cost of doors and windowsFind the product of height and width in order to find out the square footage of windows and doors. Now, make a sum total of each door and window in the house which are to be painted. 

Next, subtract the cost of window/door total from the room square footage for estimate code of house painting. 

You must decide if you want to paint the ceiling as well. If this is the case, then ceilings can take up to 80% more paint. 

Once, all this calculation is done try to do the grand total for all the things to be painted. When you are done, you can also add the labor cost with the estimated cost involved in painting the house. And, finally, you are sorted.

Final Words

We hope this article would have helped you in calculating the price per square foot. You can do it yourself by following the above mentioned easy steps.


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